How to tell if your friends read your whatsapp message even if he turns off the blue tick feature


For the people who disabled "read receipts" or "blue tick"  feature on WhatsApp, it will be really hard to find out whether the person had read the message or not.

For such kind of people, I have brought you a trick to find out whether your friend had actually read your message even he turns off the blue tick feature. Simply follow these steps....

1) Record an audio file in whatsapp
2) Now, send the file to the friend you wish to send
3) If your friend downloads and opens the audio file, you will observe a blue tick against the audio file in your whatsapp.
4) Send this audio file after the message so that if your friend opens the audio file, you can assume that he had already viewed your previous message.

Now try this trick with your friends and unhide the secret.


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