Facebook Introduces Instant Verification of Mobile number for Android, Reducing SMS Reliance in Account Kit

Facebook has rolled out a new system to verify phone number in any third party app. Currently,  to verify phone number in any third-party app, an SMS is being sent to verify the authenticity. The new update verifies the number with the Facebook profile number and skips the SMS verification step. 

The latest developer Account kit SDK kit includes instant verification that lets you bypass the two-step verification process. However, you needed to login in the facebook android app on the same device. 

So when you try to login in third party apps through your profile phone number the new method will check if the entered number matches with the verified mobile number on your facebook profile. If there is a match then you will be granted instant access and no SMS will be sent.

In the case of a mismatch, you will be directed to follow the same old authentication system. Facebook said in a statement that the feature is only used to improve the verification process securely and it won't share any additional facebook information with the third party App.

Facebook also claims that partner apps that tested the new method produced a 97% conversion rate. It further added that the feature comes in handy in areas of the world where SMS delivery is not reliable.

Source: Facebook

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