Engineers have devised a way to send secure passwords through the human body rather than over the air

Technology is evolving beyond our imagination and expectation. Recently we have witnessed the fingerprint technology available in all our smartphones for unlocking the device with authentication. Now, Computer scientists and electrical engineers from University of Washington devices a protocol to send passwords through human body securely to transmit authentic information between devices. This technology uses benign and low-frequency transmissions generated by the transmitting device.

on-body transmission of secure passwords

How it Works?

So far, fingerprints are been used to authenticate the identity of a person and unlock any device. Passwords are also been sent through wifi or Bluetooth making those vulnerable by hackers. This new procedure is safe and secure where finger prints can be sent from the transmitting device through the body to reach the target device.

This on-body transmission of fingerprints offers a more secure way to transmit the authentic information between devices that uses a touch of your body for authentication. Say, for example, smart door lock or wearable medical device.

Say, you want to open a door lock. With one hand you can touch the sensor present in the door knob and with the other hand, you can touch the finger print sensor present on your phone.

The feature has been tested on iPhone and Lenovo laptop track pads and other fingerprint sensors. In tests with 10 different kinds of objects and with people with different height and weight, the team is able to generate usable on-body transmission. 

Source: Science Daily

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