Twitter Launches 360-degree video streaming to live broadcasting platform Periscope

Twitter has announced that it is bringing 360-degree video streaming to live broadcasting platform periscope. Initially, twitter is testing periscope with a small set of partners. Although everyone can view the video in 360 degrees only select partners are able to stream the 360-degree video at present.

Twitter launches 360-degree video streaming to live broadcasting platform periscope

The announcement comes at a time where Facebook is testing the 360 degrees broadcast on Facebook live. Twitter and periscope have come under a lot of pressure from facebook live as many publishers are looking to broadcast through facebook live to garner more number of viewers.
when you see a video with a 360-degree badge on twitter or periscope you can watch it just like any other live stream video. On mobile, you can simply move your fingers to scroll around the screen or tilt the phone to change the viewpoint. In desktop click and drag the screen around to rotate the camera. Although the video quality seems not that great as is the case with most 360-degree video streams but it serves the purpose.

As of now periscope is being supported in periscope mobile applications as well as in desktop. But in desktop, it is not being supported on all the browsers take for example safari browser. But you can expect twitter to roll out 360-degree video support more broadly in the coming weeks.


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