Xiaomi to Launch White Bicycle on January 1 with innovative design; Can it Replace the Motor Vehicles?

Xiaomi, the most innovative brain behind every innovative technology is entering the bicycle market this January 1, 2017 with the official launch of white bicycle. Xiaomi is manufacturing this bicycle in association with Hutchison Technology Co., under its ecological chain product. Is it a normal Bicycle or does it have any unique features? If it is not innovative, it is not Xiaomi. The bicycle comes with many innovative features.

Xiaomi bicycle

As you can see in the photo, the bicycle comes in white color and the company said that the bicycle would not have the traditional metal chain and there is no need for oiling it, Instead, the white bicycle comes with the carbon fiber belt which other companies like BMW, Harley Davidson, Bombardier also uses the same technology. This carbon fiber belt puts an end to drive chain and oiling problems.

Xiaomi is planning to release the first 1 lakh units in China on a rental basis. Xiaomi's innovative design in bicycle making is attracting the people and many of them are showing the willingness to use it to replace the motor vehicles. This opinion from the public will definitely abate the lifestyle problems facing by people due to lack of exercise.

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