20 Signs that indicate when its time to say goodbye to your current job: Infographic

Everyone will have bad days at work which stay for a few days for some people or even longer periods for some people. But, one should know the difference between ordinary, and occasional dissatisfaction.

Quitting a job can negatively impact your career and also can disrupt your personal life. But, staying in an undesirable job can even be worse. Many factors can lead you to take the hardest decision - mean boss, unsatisfying work, boring colleagues.

Research shows that many youngsters who have their first real jobs in the 20s find their way out pretty soon. 86% people know even though the outside job openings look bad, it won't stop them to walk out the door.

But, a bad job is like a bad partner. How do you know that you have to take the decision to quit your job?. Here are the 20 signs that when you feel in your job, you can pack up things and leave home.

20 signs to quit your job infographic


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