Block Spam using Microsoft's Android SMS Organizer App that Declutters and Classifies Inbox

Microsoft seems to be focusing on Android as well which could sound frustrating for Windows users. Microsoft released and "SMS Organizer" app exclusively for Android and India. This app is created keeping in mind to block the spam messages from reaching the inbox and keeping important messages handy for viewing.

Microsoft says that SMS in India is what email for the rest of the world. India is a mobile first market makes SMS as the most important tool for business and government agencies to communicate with people. In this process, lots of spam reaches the inbox making difficult to figure out important messages from the junk.

microsoft sms organizer

Features of SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer, a Microsoft Garage project, is an Android application for India. The app declutters the SMS Inbox, classifies and interprets the SMS to help users focus on the SMS important to them.

- SMS is classified into Important/Transactional and Promotional SMS using machine-learned models and placed in separate folders.

- Further, users are reminded of upcoming travel, movies and bill payments using the information in their SMS through reminder cards and notifications.

- Users can favorite SMS for quick access, block spam senders and mark senders as promotional. Further, they can control the level of notifications depending on SMS type.

- The app is built to work perfectly offline i.e. without an Internet connection. All classification and reminder creation happen on the device.

To use this beta app, signup here

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