BSNL Launches Free VoWIFI calling to Takeover Reliance Jio VoLTE Over its Broadband Network

BSNL is taking on VoLTE with the new feature called VoWIFI calling which offers superior voice quality of voice calls. VoWIFI works on BSNL broadband connection. So, the calls are handled via the BSNL landline network. Hence, the voice quality remains superior to 2G or 3G.

For using VoWIFI, one has to install the app which is not yet available in Google Play store. Once the call is placed from the app, the call will be redirected to your BSNL broadband connection. The receiver of your call will see the phone number allocated to your broadband connection, not your mobile number.

Besides the VoWIFI feature, BSNL is offering all the calls free of cost in many broadband plans across India. You need not have any mobile connection except the broadband connection.

The only disadvantage in this feature is that you can call only when connected to a BSNL broadband over WIFI.

VoWIFI is more common in many countries. But in India, Government restricts such kind of rerouting to the internet. Hence this technology has not come to limelight. BSNL made it possible as it is both app maker and telecom license holder. So, it has right to create an app to reroute calls to its own network.

The VoWIFI calling will not work on the Non-BSNL network or on BSNL network of your friends or someone else as the number identity is different.

BSNL broadband plans starts from as low as Rs249 per month which offer 2 Mbps of speed and Unlimited free calls between 9PM to 7AM & on all Sundays to any network in India.


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