How to stay happy? Follow these 9 things to experience happiness according to science

Philosophers and religious preachers often say living a good life lead to happiness. Many say happiness is the cure for all diseases. Even our forefathers advise us to feel content with what we have in order to remain happy. But even today we still find it hard enough to know the secret formula for happiness amidst the advances made in the field of science and technology. 

The reason is there is probably no single method of finding happiness and different people find happiness in different things. According to Dalailama happiness comes only from our actions, and by doing right things it leads to happier life. It may be difficult to switch off from social media but earlier studies have indicated people who avoided social media for about a week enjoyed increased happiness. 

Psychologists also say that although happiness is determined by genes our daily activities and life circumstances also play a role in happiness. Happiness is the combination of state of mind and wellness of the body. This new infographic shares some of the activities which if you follow in your daily life can lead to happiness. These 9 things according to science, seem to have a positive effect and will sure help you to experience happiness.  


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