Hawai Adda, India's First Airplane Restaurant is set to Take Off a Foodie Adventure in Punjab

Did you ever imagine eating in a restaurant that is inside an airplane? The ludhiana-based entrepreneur has made this a reality.

Hawai Adda is the first airplane restaurant officially opened to the public a month back, after clearing all the required legal checks in Ludhiana.

To develop an airplane into a restaurant, a scrap airplane has been modified in such a way it looked like a swanky restaurant. The airplane is parked at the Verka Milk Bar premises on Ferozepur Road in Ludhiana. Apart from the restaurant, Hawai Adda also serves up as a cafe, bakery and a kitty hall.  

The Hawai Adda seemed to become a great success in Punjab, with the public giving 4.5 rating in the official Facebook page.

People credited the pure vegetarian foods in the restaurant saying that it is the main attraction there.


Hawai Adda airplane restaurant

Hawai Adda airplane restaurant

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