How supermarkets hack your mind to spend more and these 20 survival tips can save your money while shopping

Supermarkets these days have become money eaters rather than money savers. We go there to buy one product but end up buying many not needed products. Behind all these, there is a psychological hack that makes your mind out of control inside the supermarket.

Wondering how supermarket environment control your mind? There are many tricks or hacks the supermarkets perform to control your mindset. Here are few psychological hacks supermarkets play and how you to stay in control by taking countermeasures.

Supermarkets are designed in a nice environmental trick which converts the customers into a spending mood. If you observe, the supermarkets play light jazz music. Research shows that listening to light music slows you down and cause you to spend up to 29% more.

Another thing if you notice, that supermarket carts seem to be getting bigger, it’s no wonder - double the size of the cart, the supermarket can expect you to spend 40% more than with a normal and standard cart. 

Then there is the arrangement of the goods. All the fresh and fragrant goods are arranged near the entrance, to get you in the mood, and quick and guilty at the checkout to squeeze some extra bucks from you – after all, you deserve that chocolate bar kept at the checkout after half an hour’s hard shopping, don’t you?

grocery infographic

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