How to invest in Reliance Money Manager Fund-Growth plan via Freecharge

freechargeThe digital payment platform Freecharge and Reliance Mutual Funda have teamed up to purchase the mutual funds through Freecharge. Freecharge now lets you invest in Reliance Money Manager Fund-Growth plan in just 3 easy steps.

Features of  Reliance Money Manager Fund-Growth plan

Returns as high as 8% p.a
Debt fund
No transaction fees
Withdraw money anytime you like with the debit card provided along
Lower risk than equity investment
All you need is PAN number
Start with low as Rs 500 and in multiples of Rs 100 from there on

How to start investing in Reliance Money Manager Fund-Growth plan via Freecharge:

Before getting started to invest in any mutual fund make sure you submit the KYC with CAMS KRA. To check the status of your KYC click here

1) Open Freecharge App
2) Find the mutual funds button as in the screenshot below
4) Enter PAN number and press verify
5) Verify your details in the form and enter occupation and income slab details and press continue
6) Verify the Bank account details and press continue
7) In My portfolio page, enter the amount to invest and press PROCEED TO PAY
8) Verify the Transaction summary and proceed to pay the amount

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