Japanese surgeons operated and removed a tiny brain, bone and hair from a teenage girl's ovary

A patient of 16-year-old admitted in a hospital in Japan complaining appendicitis. The girl had to undergo an emergency appendectomy. The doctors went for an emergency and routine operation to remove the appendix. The doctors then discovered a tumor growing on one of her ovaries. Doctors then decided to pull out some malformed tissue from the ovary. During the operation, what doctors found was a shocking thing. The surgeons pulled out a mass of hair, bone and a tiny brain from the girl's ovary.

Japanese Surgeons operated and removed a tiny brain, bone and hair from a teenage girl's ovary

The technical term for this kind of tumor is a mature cystic teratoma. The word teratoma means monster. These are formed when certain types of cells inside a body grows into a different type of tissue which includes bones, hair, and even teeth said the surgeons. This type of tumors also spread to different parts of the body. This kind of tumors are very rare and the nerve cells arranged in a brain-like structure is extremely rare.

It is not the first time in recent history that this kind of a fully developed teratoma has been found by Japanese surgeons. In 2002, a tumor with developing organs like body, head, and even the beginnings of a penis was operated and removed from a 25-year-old Japanese woman.

The article on this was recently published in Neuropathology Journal as a case report.

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