LG sends out invites to February 26th event at MWC, likely to launch LG G6

LG is the latest entrant to send out invites to the media for an event to be held in Barcelona on February 26, a day before Mobile world congress(MWC) kick starts. In the invitation, it can be seen fireworks a night time overhead a lake. The image is cropped and screen size hints at a phone launch, probably LG G6.

LG sends out invites to February 26th event at  MWC  likely to launch G6

The caption on the invite Reads "see more, play more." save the dates depicting the date February 26 and time 12.00PM local time at Barcelona. Last week, LG made an announcement that the coming flagship device will feature a 5.7inch QHD+ display with an 18:9 aspect ratioLG G6 has also undergone safety tests that are tougher than International standards of US and Europe. 

LG is also working on a new technology for its G6 device that uses heat pipes to get rid of the heat from the devices. This will reduce the risk of battery explosions to take place as we have witnessed as in the case of Samsung Galaxy S7 Note. From the earlier leaks, it is known the new flagship device will be waterproof and will feature skinnier Bezels. Also, the company will move away from modular approach as seen in LG G5  to a more conventional one. 

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  1. LG G6 is coming with wonderful features. I must go for this. It has wondeful camera also.


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