LG to Adopt WIFI and Voice Recognition to all its Home Appliances; Considering Partnership with Siri and Alexa

LG Electronics is coming up with a smart idea this year by making smart home appliances. LG Electronics is the market leader in many Home Appliances like Refrigerator, Air Conditioners etc. As every device these days is getting smart, LG Electronics want its Home Appliances to work in a smarter way.

LG Electronics is adopting voice recognition technology for its air conditioners from next year. For this, LG is taking into account partnerships with Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa.

LG Electronics is also considering of introducing WIFI technology to all its Home Appliances from this year. For the Appliances already released, LG is trying to adopt WIFI through SmartThinQ sensing technology.

LG Smart Home Appliances

SmartThinQ Sensor is designed in a way to work on low-tech devices to work smarter by turning them into smart appliances.

Recently, LG unveiled the artificial intelligence-based Whisen Dual Air Conditioner which learns user's lifestyle pattern and studies the surroundings using the deep learning technology Deep ThinQ.

Whisen Dual Air Conditioner studies the home after installations and distributes cool air to only particular areas where people are located. By this way, we can reduce 20% of the energy.

The air conditioner also adjusts the direction and strength of the air by blowing less cool air to the person located very near to the air conditioner and blowing strong air to the person located far away.

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