Microsoft to lay off 700 employees next week and 2850 people by June 2017: Report

Microsoft is likely to announce quarterly earnings next week and will make an announcement to lay off 700 employees. Earlier, Microsoft has said that it will lay off 2850 people by June 2017 as part of its layoff program.

Microsoft to lay off 700 employees next week and 2850 people by June 2017

According to reports, the layoff of employees is not concentrated to any particular area but will span across the whole company.The layoff may happen across company's worldwide offices and business units that include sales, marketing, human resource and much more. Until June 2016, Microsoft has a total number of 11.4 million employees and still, there are still 1600 new jobs available.

In 2013, Microsoft acquired Nokia, and later the development of smartphone business is not smooth and lead to a layoff of a number of employees. Microsoft has laid off 7400 people last year, mostly from the smartphone sector and it is the largest layoff in the history of 18000 jobs in 2014. 

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Under CEO Satya Nadella Microsoft has undergone layoffs several times. The chief purpose of layoffs seems to be up gradation of skills rather than decreasing the number of employees to minimize maintenance costs as usually happens in most companies. Microsoft also gives its laid off employees a time period of 60 days to find a new job and also offer 2 weeks pay for every 6 months of employment. 

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