Neopalpa Donald trumpi is the name given by Biologists to the newly discovered Yellow-haired moth as it resembles hairstyle of Donald Trump

Canadian Biologist Vazrick Nazari has named a moth Neopalpa Donald trumpi after US president-elect Donald trump. The moth is 3.6mm in length, orange-yellow colored with yellowish white scales on the forehead resembling hair style of  Donald Trump.

Biologists name the newly discovered Yellow haired  moth Neopalpa Donald trumpi in honour of U.S President Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the centremost attraction nowadays. Starting from the presidential elections he garnered a lot of public attention mainly because of his behavior. However, after successfully winning the presidential elections, the world is buzzing about him. Even researchers, who are always busy with their research work seem to be concentrating on trump nowadays as evidenced by the analysis of his facial features.

Apart from his behavior   One more factor that attracts most people's attention is the hairstyle. Now a Canadian biologist has named the newly discovered moth after Donald Trump as he felt striking similarities between insects he hair nad that of that of the president. Canadian biologist Vazrick Nazari was examining samples in Bohart museum of entomology when he came across a moth that resembles the newly elect president Donald Trump.  

On further observation, he found that the moth has not been previously documented and so he got the advantage of naming the moth and labeled it as Neopalpa Donald trumpi. It is found in southern parts of California and Baja California in Mexico and could be endangered. However, the Moth is very small and measured about 3.6 -4.0mm. He carefully studied other important characters that included genitalia, scales colouration description in the journal Zoo Keys.

He also emphasized that by naming the new micro-moth as Donald trump he hopes to bring public attention and importance to the alpha taxonomy to better understand the ignored microfauna of the North American Biodiversity.


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