Nokia to Make Grand Entry with 6-7 Android Phones touching all Price Ranges in 2017: Report

We have been reporting all the latest updates on the upcoming Nokia phones. We have already reported that Nokia is coming up with two Android phones with 2 variants this 2017. Now, the latest news is that HMD global which took over the Nokia business from Microsoft is in plans of launching at least 6-7 Nokia Android smartphones in 2017. According to the latest presentation released in Facebook, Nokia is in plans to release 6-7 smartphones in 2017.

Nokia smartphones

The slide shown above also reveals that the smartphones will touch all the price ranges which include low-end, mid-range and high-end prices. So, we can expect two flagship devices and few low price smartphones from Nokia. This move from Nokia to touch all the price ranges will be preferred by the people from all classes.

Nokia is reportedly working on two flagship phones, two variants of Nokia D1C. Nokia D1C and E1 may be the first ever phones to be released by HMD global.

You can have a look into the news about Nokia and HMD global here below

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