Here's how you can protect your Facebook account with a USB security key

In this digital world where threat always looms for our accounts from hackers, facebook has today announced a physical tool to add an extra layer of protection with a USB security key. If you are worried about someone phishing your accounts you can now lock it using a key. Many of us employ easy to guess passwords across multiple accounts and even if we employ complex passwords hackers find ways to access our accounts.

Here's how you can protect your Facebook account with a USB security key

Current methods of authentication such as password manager or a two-factor authentication via SMS are available but they cannot guarantee secure protection but with physical security keys, our accounts are highly secure and impossible to hack.

How does it work?

When you login into your accounts from new browsers or geographical regions you need to plug the piece of hardware into USB drive and then tap on it. That's all facebook will identify authenticate your identity.

According to Brad Hill security engineer at Facebook, the same technology is used to protect assets inside the facebook and it is more convenient and secure.With this, it makes facebook first of the social media users to give the option.

You can use the USB stick like any other object in your key chain and it offers a superior level of protection. The National Institute of standards and technologies have made an announcement in July that two-factor authentication and SMS text message with one-time code are no longer safer to use.

The hardware key sold in the names of Yubikey, Nitro key, and other brand names is a tiny gadget packed with cryptographic powder. The service is not mandatory but will be of great help for privacy conscious facebook users.

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