Purported Xiaomi Mi HiFi Player Leaked on Weibo. Planned to Release Soon?

Leaked images of a new Xiaomi product surfaced online, of something unknown product  Xiaomi may be planning to release soon. The images are posted by employees of Xiaomi Lee Students on microblogging website Weibo. From the images, we speculate it to a possible Mi HIFI player.

The employees kept the images along with the statement that says: "This Knob is moving people, a good product will make people Play what they desire".

From the leaked images only half of the product is visible. It shows black section and a gray color metal bar. on the bar tiny holes are visible may be the speakers are present beneath on the lower side. The black portion which appears in the image may not represent the screen. Another important feature is the knob in the center. According to the statement given by the employees where they mentioned Play, it may be inferred that it might be a sort of Music device (Multimedia) a possible Mi HIFI player?

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