Ransomware hits electronic key card system of luxurious hotel in Austria that locked guests in and out of the rooms

Recently an Austrian luxurious hotel's IT system was hit by a  ransomware wherein hundreds of guests are left stranded and were locked in and out of the rooms because of the attack on electronic keycard system of rooms and the situation returned to normalcy until the hotel shelled out thousands of euros to the hackers 

Ransomware hits electronic key card system of luxurious hotel in Austria that locked guests in and out of the rooms

In the rapidly evolving world of digital revolution threat always looms from hackers. Even though many security measures have been adopted, hackers are still capable of exploiting security vulnerabilities and targeting people and organizations with cyber attacks. These cyber criminals are now spreading Ransomware as their potent weapon and making millions of dollars.

What is Ransomware?

It is a type of malicious software which is designed to block the computer system until a certain amount has been paid to the hackers. Although the threat of Ransomware has been around for few years it was in 2016 hackers carried a large number of attacks on businesses, hospitals, Health departments and even police departments and made millions of dollars.

Now the latest victim to this type of attack has been Romantik Seehotel Jäegerwirt 4-Star Superior Hotel located in Austria. The hotel had a modern IT system that included keycards for its doors which could not be programmed. According to the management, the hotel has been hit multiple times by hackers but it is this time they are able to take down the entire electronic key system as a result of which hundreds of guests are locked in or outside their rooms.

The hackers even gained control of General computers shutting down all of them that included the reservation system and the cash desk.it was not until the hotel management has paid the amount demanded by the hackers the system restored completely.The management has admitted that it paid  €1,500 (£1,275/$1,600) in Bitcoin ransom to the hackers. The Hotel management has even issued a public statement detailing the events that happened.

What is surprising is the fact that the hackers have left a backdoor to the hotel system to carry a similar attack in the future. However, the IT department of the hotel raised security standards of the to make sure to prevent such type of attacks in the future.The cybercriminals often demand the Ransomware in Bitcoin transactions to avoid being caught as they are untraceable due to decentralized nature. Security experts advise keeping the software and systems updated and avoid clicking on suspicious links to avoid from falling prey to hackers.

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