Reliance Jio data speed is four times that of Airtel and twice that of Vodafone in December

Reliance Jio recorded an average data speed of 18.17 Mbps in December according to telecom regulator TRAI. The download speed is twice that of its nearest rival Vodafone 4G that recorded data speed of 9.66 Mbps. Also, Jio's data speed is surprisingly four times that of Bharti Airtel 4G  which was 4.74 Mbps in December.

Reliance Jio data speed is four times that of Airtel and twice that of Vodafone in December

This will be a tremendous boost to Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance JIo where after the initial launch suffered many setbacks that included call drops to decreasing data speeds with the day by day increase of subscriber base. It seems Jio has sorted the issue seems to be on track to achieve its target of  100 million subscribers.

According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), Reliance Jio data speeds ahs risen from 5.85 Mbps in November as per monthly average data speed calculated by Telecom regulator. TRAI collects and calculates the speed of mobile data subscribers across the country on real time basis. Reliance Jio made its debut in telecom space in September and launched Welcome offer that gave unlimited calling  SMS and data plans to its customers until December 31. Mukesh Ambani later in December announced Happy new year offer that gave unlimited voice calling and SMS until March 31 but curtailed the free data from initial 4GB to 1GbB a day. Experts believe this move by Reliance Jio may be the reason for Jio to record higher download speeds.

Reliance Jio's download speed in November was lower than its peak speed of 7.26 Mbps recorded in September. Airtel recorded the highest speed at 12.03 Mbps in October and it fell to 6.175 Mbps in November. When both 3G and 4G data networks into account, Airtel’s average download speed slowed to 4.68 Mbps in December from 5.93 Mbps in November and that was much lower than 7.52 Mbps in October. 
If we look at Vodafone, the download speed increased from 4.9 Mbps in November to 6.7 Mbps in December Idea also recorded increase in download speed from 4.36 Mbps in November improved to 5.037 Mbps in December.

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