Reliance Jio VoLTE feature phones are coming soon for Rs 999 and Rs 1500; To bundle free calling and data

As posted by chaprama earlier, Reliance Jio is planning to soon launch the VoLTE phones in Rs 999 and Rs 1500. These phones will not have high-end specifications and are called as VoLTE feature phones. 

The VoLTE feature phones are said to support 4G VoLTE, will have a rear camera, front facing camera, Jio Apps like Jio Chat, Live TV and Video on Demand apps. Jio is also readying to push other apps like Jio Money Wallet to the VoLTE feature phone as reported by Indiatimes.

These VoLTE phones come bundled with free calling and data and also come with some exclusive offerings.

Reports say that the phone will have a Spreadtrum 9820 processor. The phone would have a decent quality camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.

reliance jio

Reliance Jio have already disrupted the telecom market with the completly free offerings on calls and data. Now, with the offering of Smartphone for as low as Rs 999 is likley to disrupt the smartphone market.

If this VoLTE feature phone hits the market, there will be no upgradation to high end smartphones from existing smartphones. Upgradation will happen from normal feature phones to VoLTE feature phones as more people are likley to spend money for buying a phone in price range of Rs1000 to Rs1500

Analysts also said that the projections for the growth of smartphone industry needs to be revised with the entry of this VoLTE feature phones.

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