Researchers analyzed Donald Trump's face and discover he is aggressive, dominant, powerful and unethical

While Donald J Trump has recently taken oath as the people's president, many Americans are still worrying about his ruling for the next four years. Although is he elected by a wide majority, people worry about his aggressive behavior. The new research on Donald Trump adds weight to this fear.

According to a new research by Cass Business School, the way Donald Trump will rule the country is written on his face. As he is masculine and has an older-looking and wide face, research says he will likely to be dominant, powerful and an aggressive leader. These features also indicate an unethical behavior of the person. They are better negotiators and also are financially more successful relatively. Traits also suggest undergoing conflicts with other leaders of the world.

donald trump

Researchers observed a positive correlation between the width of a male CEO's face relative to his height and the financial performance of the company.

On the other hand, these facial features also indicate the unethical behavior and exploitation of the trust of others.

Researchers also observed that the masculine faces are not found to be trustworthy and are not preferred in cooperative settings such as times of peace.

The findings come from the Cass Business School, examines a wide range of fields including endocrinology, genetics, psychology and psychiatry to appraise the state of leadership research and to identify what unique factors determine leadership success.


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