Revealed, the reason why adding weight cause men to get potbellies and women to get pear-shaped bodies

A new Research has now revealed the actual reasons behind the development of pot bellies in man can be attributed to the brain whereas in the case of women Oestrogen is the main culprit for fat accumulation in hips and leaving giving a pear-shaped appearance on adding weight. We often come across men who put up weight carry potbellies it is not known why fat gets deposited in the stomach area in case of women if she adds weight most of the fat can be witnessed in the hips and legs especially the thighs.

Revealed, the reason why adding weight cause men to get potbellies and women to get pear-shaped bodies

We think that men develop pot bellies due to excess consumption of bear. But the real reason has now been revealed as it was found that it can be attributed to the brains. Dr. Zhaoping Li, from the University of California, Los Angeles says, bodies are programmed in a way that sends the fat into the stomach. On the other hand in case of women hormone estrogen is responsible for the storage of fat in hips and legs giving pear-shaped bodies So, this in a way facilitates to have energy deposits saved which they are pregnant.


The real danger for men lies when the fat starts to accumulate around the organs called visceral fat mainly in the liver, muscles, and pancreas due to the presence of an excess of fat. From here, fat gets released into the blood stream causing blood pressure clotting and interrupts metabolism. This may lead to Type 2 diabetes and Heart disease. However, doing exercise helps get rid of the fat freeing up some space in the belly and prevents the fat from going to visceral organs.


However, in the case of women, there is excess space in hips and legs and provides a sort of protection in such cases.Dr. Li says that the actual problem occurs during menopause where the fat goes straight to the abdominal cavity.

Researchers from Boston university found that at this stage each additional pound further leads to higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. Earlier researchers have found that men with belly fat and normal BMI (Body Mass Index) have twice more chance of death than the men with overweight but has a healthy-sized stomach.

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