How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Helping Retailers to Engage Customers to Create a New Level of Customer Experience in E-Commerce: Infographic

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now the key for many e-commerce players to improve the customer's shopping experience. Many companies are now deploying the chatbots in their websites and smartphone apps to assist the customers to buy the right things at the right price.

The confluence of AI and e-commerce could transform the millions of online transactions that occur every day. For example, Netflix uses AI to provide personalized recommendations to the users based on their previous streaming habits. Recently, we have seen how Boltfare incorporated AI through Facebook Chatbot. Boltfare is an AI-powered travel agent chatbot on Facebook messenger specially made for travelers who wants to find the cheapest airfare.

From bringing personalized shopping experiences to offering virtual buying assistance, AI is improving the online shopping experience for consumers as well as retailers. Here is the infographic which explains the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the e-commerce industry.


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