Samsung Concludes Irregularly Sized Batteries Lead Note 7 Explosions: Report

Samsung today told that it is holding a press conference on 23 January to put forth the investigation results of Note 7 explosion epic. Before that, the report prepared by Samsung got leaked through some officials working close to Samsung.

samsung logoAccording to the report, some devices of Note 7 were prone to overheating because they contained irregularly sized batteries placed in them. These irregularly sized batteries did not fit properly in the phone. Along with this issue, Samsung also found that there were few manufacturing problems which impacted the so-called safe devices which caused the complete recall.

To recall, when the Samsung Note 7 devices exploded, Samsung initially thought that the issue was related to batteries produced its affiliate company Samsung SDI. Samsung then recalled the devices and sourced the batteries from its second manufacturer Amperex Technology Ltd (ATL). However, the replaced phones were also found to be unsafe. Samsung could callback 96% of Note 7 devices through extensive efforts. 

Post this incident, Samsung is testing its devices in extensively and using heat pipes in the phones which LG is reportedly using for its LG G6. These heat pipes flush off the heat generated inside the device.

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