Good News for Samsung! Scientists Develop a Technology to Blow-out Fire Caused by Lithium-ion battery in 0.4 sec

A lot of effort is poured onto batteries to improve the life, quick charge, capacity. Scientists have succeeded in developing all these but failed to explore the things to abate the heating of batteries which is the main cause for smartphone explosions.

Battery overheating is the root cause of smartphone explosions. The same is the case in  Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Finally, scientists have come up with a solution that allows battery cools itself when overheating occurs.

Scientists at Stanford University published the results of this new technology in Science Advances journal. The battery they used is Lithium-ion battery which is used in all the smartphones. The battery is built in a flame-retardant triphenyl phosphate (TPP) inside a shell within the electrolyte fluid. The shell melts up when the temperature of the battery reaches to 150C releasing the compound. The fire blow-outs in 0.4 seconds said the scientists.

The TPP has been chosen as the flame retardant because it is a popularly used and also cheap and efficient. Moreover, the air pollution level released after combustion is very much lower than that when halogen-based flame retardants are used.

Lithium ion Battery fire extinguisher

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