Sleep Number 360: A Smart Bed that relieves you from snoring, tracks your sleeping patterns

We are living in the world where everything is 'smart' - smartphone, smart watch, smart bulb and smart car. Did you ever thought of a 'smart bed'? Today, in CES, the company called Sleep Number launched the smart bed called 'Sleep Number 360', a bed designed to make you sleep better.


For a better sleep, mattress and pillow are the important factors. Sleep Number added some additional features to make you sleep better through sleep tracking feature inbuilt in the bed. This feature tracks your sleeping positions and adjusts the bed's comfort levels to ensure that no matter what position you sleep, the bed will adjust itself to that position.

The very important feature in this bed is that it can even detect the snoring. If it observes you snoring, the bed makes adjustments like raising the sleeper's head to an angle of 7 degrees so that it temporarily relieves you from snoring.  


There is an inbuilt foot warmer which warms your foot so that you will fall asleep very soon. The bed also have an inbuilt alarm that tracks your wake up patterns daily and wakes you up accordingly. Also, the bed will ensure that it will wake you up when you are not in deep sleep.

Very interesting isn't it? If you want to buy the bed, you have to wait for 6 more months. Sleep Number also did not reveal the pricing yet.


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