South Korea Military used footage from old Videogames to sell Real fighter Jets

In a bizarre incident, Korean times (National Newspaper) has revealed that south Korea has used footage from old video games to display the impressive performance of KAI-KFX fighter jets in 2015. The KF-X project aims to develop next generation fighter planes to replace older planes. The incident came to light after a year. Interestingly, the footage used was sourced from video games Battlefield 3 of US EA company and Ace combat: Assault horizon of Japan Bandai Nanko Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 

On the left is the KF-X promotional video and on the right is the clip from EA 'Battlefield 3' video

This incident attracted a nationwide criticism from all quarters. Another interesting fact is it cost the South Korean government $ 40,000 to make the video clip. The video is also being played at KF-X promotional websites and also presented to members of National Assembly defense committee.

On the left is the KF-X promotional video and on the right video clip from Ace combat: Assault horizon
In a bid to avoid national outrage everyone involved with the incident started blaming each other. Shin Hei Kyu, senior management officer from National defense science Research Agency acknowledged the mistake and assured not to uses the videos in the future. But he denied any responsibility in this regard. 

The military says it is the responsibility of video producers. On the other hand, video producers claim that Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) and Agency for defense development are responsible as both the agencies are involved in finalizing the video content. On the other hand, the unauthorized use of footage will come under copyright infringement may lead south Korea to shell out, even more money as part of the legal action.

Both Nanko entertainment and US EA companies are yet to respond to the matter.

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