Synaptics Announces Two-step Authentication that combine Fingerprint and Facial recognition features to unlock Mobile devices

Most of the latest mobile devices are now coming with a  fingerprint scanner to the regular process of unlocking mobile by password or pattern. But the new technology by Synaptics is a way ahead and combines multiple security features that boost the security of the device manifold. Synaptics, a company that manufactures touch display and biometric products, has today announced multifactor biometric fusion engine for use in smartphones tablets and notebook Personal computers (Pcs).

Synaptics Announces Two-way Authentication that combine Fingerprint and Facial recognition features to unlock Mobile devices

It provides Two-step Authentication two combines both fingerprints and facial recognition feature to unlock a mobile device thereby enhances the security of the device. The new platform was made in partnership with facial recognition company KeyLemon and allows a device to be unlocked in multiple ways. The user can choose either fingerprints or facial recognition features based on his convenience. Say for example if you are wearing gloves then you may use facial recognition feature for authentication.

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The multiple security features also come in handy particularly during financial transactions and other sensitive information as two modes of authentication are required. The multifactor fusion engine contains antispoof technology and uses artificial intelligence to distinguish between fake and the real finger prints. It is also not possible to unlock the device by imitating as the facial recognition feature also checks for head movement and eye blinking to authenticate that further strengthens authentication. So in a way it is literally impossible for other people to unlock the device overcoming the two modes of authentication.

Synaptics Vice President of marketing Anthony Gioeli said that apart from the current fingerprint sensor and facial recognition technology they are planning to add new features and security factors. Recently Synaptics has introduced fingerprint sensors that have the capacity to scan a fingerprint through a glass and thereby facilitate devices to have button free display designs.

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