This Gadget can Wirelessly charge Multiple devices at the same time

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES, and formerly known officially as International CES) is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association held every year in Las vegas Nevada. CES typically hosts presentations of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. Many companies and startups display a wide range of gadgets and technology that give us a sneak peek into the future.  Energy square a startup from France has come up rather interesting technology that certainly raises eyebrows.

The Company's new creation is capable of charging any device wirelessly. Let's see in complete detail.

This Gadget can Wirelessly charge Multiple devices at the same time

Energy square uses innovative conductive charging technology and consists of 5 thin stickers that work in combination with a charging pad. Each sticker contains two electrodes, a micro USB, USB-C or lightening connector that plug into charging port of and device. After connecting with one of the stickers on the back of the device you need to place the device on the charging pad and you are done. One more interesting aspect is that the rate of charging is similar to that of regular charge.

This Gadget can Wirelessly charge Multiple devices at the same time

By using this technology, you can easily charge up to 5 devices at the same time by attaching the stickers and placing them on the pad. The charging rate will not be affected even in the presence of multiple devices and will be maintained at a constant rate. However considering all the pros (advantages) associated with this technology there is also a con (disadvantages) as happens to be the case with most gadgets.

In the current design, the flaw has been the sticker that covers the USB port. If you want to charge the normal way you need to remove the sticker. The company has identified the problem and will fix it by introducing a port on the backside of with the second generation of their product. Energy square is likely to start shipping in Q1 2017 and comes with a price tag of $89.

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