YouTube adds Trending Tab feature to discover creators and artists on rise

YouTube proved to be number one video streaming website through many years despite immense competition from many other websites. YouTube has been constantly adding many features which make YouTube stand at the first position.

YouTube is now adding a new Trending Tab in United states which enable users to discover rising artists and creators. The Trending Tab is targeted to creators and artists who have crossed 1000 subscribers threshold. YouTube through Trending Tab will be helpful to the artists and creators to gain a bigger audience. Youtube is also planning to add the feature globally.


The selection will be made weekly and those creators and artists will be given a badge of "Creator on the Rise" or "Artist on the Rise". Only four creators and four artists are selected at a time for the badge. The selected creators and Artists will be displayed on the website for the entire day with the badge. Also, two each creators and artists will be displayed for the entire week.

This feature will definitely boost the content creators and artists to improve the audience base.

YouTube have recently added a unique feature in Youtube UK called YouTube Red which enables users to play music offline

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