Indian Railways partners with India Post to widen parcel Business, that allows to carry 1 tonne of parcel in Guard compartment

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has launched the parcel service in Mumbai- Howrah mail that enables space to postal department and private players to transport their parcel's in guard compartments of some selected trains.

Indian Railways partners with India Post to widen parcel Business

This partnership of Indian Railways with Department of Post (DoP) aims to increase the National transporter's revenue. As part of it, the front portion of the guard's compartment will be allowed to carry parcels up to 1 ton at a charge of Rs. 12.954. 

Speaking on occasion of the launch  Railway minister Suresh Prabhu said that “Parcel is the fastest moving freight business of Indian Railways. Through this new Business Parcel Policy, not only India Post but any private player can also book space in trains for movement of their business parcel,” He hs launched the service in Mumbai-Howrah mail.

Railways earn around Rs 2000 crore a year in parcel business and it is looking to further expand the parcel business. With increase e-commerce activities there is wide scope for parcel business. The parcel will be collected by Indian post and from there it is the responsibility of railways to facilitate faster transportation of parcel.

Railways has identified six trains for the parcel service including Mumbai-Howrah mail and more trains will be added in the future. Earlier Railways has tried the service in Howrah-Dibrugarh Kamrup Express and Hyderabad- Nizamuddin Deccan Express before today's launch.

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