Moto Mico - A Modular Solar Battery Mod Coming Soon to Moto Z: Features, Price

Motorola is betting big on mods and is hardly working to develop new mods. In this regard, there is a good news for people using Moto Z as Motorola has worked on a new mod called Moto Mico.

Moto Mico is a new Moto mod that puts an end to the power worries to the people who are hardcore users of the smartphone. Moto Mico is a solar powered battery that charges your phone using the solar energy.

moto mico

Features of Moto Mico:

- A 2200mAh Battery for over 75% more power for a Moto Z. 
- An Integrated Solar Cell that can charge the Mico battery during the day.
- Optional snap-on solar panels for faster charging and extra battery capacity (sold separately).
- Fast USB C charging for separate mod charging.
- Mounting points for attaching mod to bags, belts and more.

The Mico is great when you are out! You can simply attach it to your rucksack and start walking and before you know it the mod will be charged.

The Moto Mico is expected to be launched on the 5th of February on Indiegogo though the pricing is not yet known, but the “Coming soon” page is already live. We will immediately update you as and when we receive any update on the pricing.

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