This cinematic weight loss commercial from German supermarket Edka is heart touching and going viral on social media

Maybe you might not be aware of the German Supermarket Edeka, known for creating the viral retail adverts.

The viral adverts like that in 2015 Christmas where an old man fakes his own death to get his family together.In 2016 another advert from Edeka says that the first gift from the parents to their children is simply their love and affection.

Now, the latest ad from Edeka continues the cinematic theme. It tells about a boy who lives in a town where everyone is overweight including a dog.

The boy and his family sits around a dining table and eats a gray mush. As he eats, he coincidently stares at a bird out the window.

From then the boy plans to escape from that dull town. He uses balloons, kites to fly like a bird but fails to owe to his overweight.

One day, he notices the bird eating berries from a tree. From there the boy switches from eating the gray gruel diet to the berries. 

Soon the boy loses enough weight allowing him to fly to the sky with a pair of wings he just made for him.

The tagline reads "Iss wie der, der du sein willst," (German language). This translates to English as "Eat like the person you want to be."

The video received a bit amount of criticism from the social media Daily mail reported that advert has drawn criticism from the social media users accusing the brand of fat-shaming.

At the time of writing this article, the video which is uploaded to Youtube witnessed 2.6 million views. The video received Thumbs up from 12k viewers and 1400 thumbs down.

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