You will be trapped if you say 'Yes' when someone on phone asks 'Can you hear me'; Here is why

Scammers are now targeting the phone calls to threaten you and loot your money. The hoax involves receiving a phone call from a mystery number. The voice at the other end introduces themselves and the firm they are working for. 

They then ask you a question which you do not supposedly answer for. They ask you ' Can you hear me'. If your answer is Yes, your response will be fully recorded and you are completely trapped and you've signed a verbal contract. This allows the scammer to ask you out of huge amounts of money.

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If you try to conflict the charges for products or services you didn't want to pay, the scammers then play back the recording of you saying 'yes' and threaten to take legal action against you.

Several companies are now using the voice signature for business over the phone as a sign of agreement.

The scam started in the US last month, but experts are warning that the scam is all set to make its way to other countries like the UK and other European countries.

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