Coca-Cola plans to go healthier way with packaged coconut water under the brand name Zico

World's largest beverage producer and marketer, Coca-Cola seems to be going towards a health conscious way after facing a severe backlash from Indian consumers as many are shifting towards more healthier drinks.

Experiments on Coca-Cola had gone viral in social media which depicted the unsafeness of the drink. A few years back, people on social media showed how Coca-Cola turned into a black and thick substance when boiled. With more and more people turning towards healthier drinks, Coca-Cola is losing big time in India. 

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Coca-Cola now seems to be moving slowly out of the sugary drinks to healthier drinks. Coca-Cola is planning to launch packaged coconut water under the brand name Zico, which Coca-Cola acquired in late 2013.

"Though brands such as these are niche, Coca-Cola has to prepare the decks and hedge bets, as the backlash on cola consumption and health activism is gaining ground in the country," the trade official related to Coca-Cola said.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi recently faced a backlash in Tamil Nadu and Kerala as may trade associations said that they will not sell any of the products on Coca-Cola and Pepsi to register their protest against the exploitation of ground water by these companies as the State is suffering the threat of a severe drought.

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