Reliance Jio inks deal with TeamF1 to launch IPTV, VoIP, Home automation and more digital services

Reliance Jio has inked a deal with TeamF1 networks which is the subsidiary of D-link India, to launch fixed line digital services using the home gateway solution. The deal will help Reliance Jio to offer Home Gateway Solutions (HGW) for media, IPTV, Set-top box based TV, VoIP calling, gaming, Internet, Home automation, security and Lighting control.

The intelligent HGW devices involve iron-clad security, rock-solid stability, high performance and smart management of bandwidth through advanced QoS techniques.

The connected-home partnership between Reliance Jio and TeamF1 will explore solutions for home surveillance through IP cameras and video analytics, and for smart home through IoT sensors and actuators, data analytics, and machine learning technologies.

Reliance Jio has recently signed a deal with US-based AirWire Technologies (AirWire) to offer connected car device to customers.

Reliance Jio at MWC announced its partnership with Samsung to bring 5G technology to India as well as to improve LTE services via the Infill and Growth project.

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