Scientists develop anti-ageing drug that restores hair, gives youthful energy and empowers people to live longer

Scientists have made a come through towards developing a pill that can reverse signs of ageing. A compound that could have a spectacular effect in fixing hair loss, kidney function has been discovered. It 'seeks and destroys' broken, ageing cells that amass as we get older. Known as ageing cells, they are believed to bestow  many age-related diseases.

In trials conducted on mice, the effects were striking- both on naturally ageing mice and those genetically engineered to grow older at a speedy rate. The drug possibly reversed the loss off fur which is caused by age, poor kidney function and made the mice much stronger. Fast-aging mice with dapples of missing fur commenced to recover their coats after 10 days, the researchers of Erasmus University Medical Center found.

Scientists develop anti-ageing drug that restores hair and give youthful energy and empowers people to live longer

After about three weeks, the ageing mice got much stronger. Older mice began to run double the distance of their counterparts who are not given the drug called a modified FOXO4 peptide. A month after treatment, the aged mice showed an increase in markers pointing healthy kidney function.

The compound, which took four years to identify, needs to be tested in humans. But the researchers will do soon in the near future. 

Only in senescent cells this peptide causes cell death. When treated the mice for over 10 months by giving them infusions of the peptide for three times a week, scientists didn't see any apparent side effects. FOXO4 is barely expressed in non-ageing cells, that makes the peptide concerning as the FOXO4-p53 interaction is especially relevant to senescent cells, but not normal cells.'

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