Android Malware App Targets 232 Banking Apps Including Indian Banks Like SBI, HDFC Says Quick Heal

If you are an Android user and using the mobile service through the mobile app, then you need to be careful. An Android malware app is hunting its nearly 232 banking app. There are also Indian banks in its targets. The name of this malware is 'Android.banker.A9480'.

Quick Heal Security Lab has revealed this. It has been said in the report that it asks for login and password like the actual app of banking and detects OTP and then uploads it to the marketing and inverted server. In addition to the banking app, this app also monitors the crypto culture application on your phone.

List of Targeted banking apps in India:

Quick Heal has released the list of Indian banks targeted by this. This list includes Axis Mobile, HDFC Bank Mobile, Mobile Banking, SBI Anywhere Personal, HDFC Bank MobileBanking LITE, ICICI's iMobile, IDBI Bank GO Mobile +, IDBI Bank's Abhay, IDBI Bank GO Mobile, IDBI Bank mPassbook, Baroda mPassbook, Union Bank Apps like Mobile Banking and Union Bank Commercial Clients are included.

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