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Sunday, November 27, 2016

5 Beauty Tips To Get Rid of Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes Permanently

We all have might have experienced the appearance of dark circles otherwise, 'eye bags' or 'puffy eyes' below our eyes when viewed in the mirror in morning. This can be attributed to restlessness and disturbed sleep the night before. We feel very awkward, when Co-workers, friends, and our loved ones are quick to point out and tease you about your creepy eyes .So knowing the root cause might be helpful for you to avoid recurrence of such situations. So what exactly is the cause of 'Puffy eyes' or 'eye bags' beneath our eyes?
5 ways to get rid of Darkcircles and Puffyeyes
They can be attributed to three major reasons:  Ageing, Genetics, and Environmental factors. Let us go in complete  

1) Ageing

The upper and lower eyelids contain skin muscle and fat. Skin contains a protein called 'collagen' that gives structural support for cells and maintains elasticity. As we grow older, collagen starts to degrade and hence cannot hold the skin tightly. As a result of which skin starts to wrinkle and sag giving the appearance of bags beneath our skin.

2) Genetics

 This is related to DNA,(Deoxyribonucleic acid) that contains instructions  used for growth ,development ,functioning and reproduction of all living organisms. When parents have eye bags it is expected to inherit from them. Eye bags are clearly visible in people with fair complexion where there is less chance to hide anything that happens in the background of the face. 

When people are stressed or tired, blood circulation in the eye slows down as a result of which blood accumulates I the area. Capillaries Vessels (thin veins) extend and release, prompting to puffy, dim eye circles. They tend to persist throughout the day and is a sign that your body needs sleep.

Some people are prone to’ subluxation’ , a phenomenon that occurs due to movement of fat from underneath the eyeball to  the front of the eye.

3) Environmental factors

They are also responsible for  puffy eyes .For example, seasonal allergies cause capillaries to leak blood. Whenever our body is exposed to allergens, it releases Histamines as part of the immune response. Histamines cause the swelling of capillaries in and around your eyes. Exposure to the sun also damages the skin making it thinner and so the dark circles are more visible. In addition, rubbing our eyes also cause dark circle as rubbing stimulates capillaries and result in capillary leakage.

Apart from this, there are  subsidiary factors like sinus infections, thyroid or kidney problems hormonal imbalances, iron deficiency and excessive smoking.

What are the remedies to get rid of puffy eyes or eye bags?

  • Whenever you feel itchy in the eye portion, use a cold  compress. It reduces swelling around your eyes.
  • Many of us tend to have green tea early in the morning. After  brewing instead of discarding them place them under your  eyes  for about 10 minutes to promote circulation and reduce  puffiness.
  • Make sure to maintain your head  in elevated position while  sleeping as this prevents fluid buildup due to gravity.
  • Follow a proper diet plan. Reduce your cravings for carb dense foods, salty and fried foods, beverages, white sugar,  and fried foods. A healthy diet should include many fresh  vegetables whole grain foods ad oily fishes, as they are the  rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants that keep  your skin healthy and fight toxic impurities and free radicals.
  • Also, ensure to adhere to a healthy lifestyle to lessen your stress levels ,and take care to have sound sleep for at least 8 hours in the night.

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