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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

5 Stages of a Relationship: How Bonding establishes between two Hearts

Have you ever wondered why some relationships break up and others last for a lifetime? Understanding the stages of relationship gives us insights and helps us to successful cross every stage to lead a happier and everlasting relationship.
5 Stages of a Relationship: How Bonding establishes between two HeartsHere are the 5 stages of relationship as given by Dr.Susan Campbell
1.    The Romance Stage
2.    The Power Struggle Stage
3.    The Stability Stage
4.    The Commitment Stage
5.    The Co-Creation or Bliss Stage

1) The Romance stage:
There are many kinds of love, but most people seek its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner. You are attracted to your partner and every move from your partner seems flawless and make you think that you found out your perfect mate. Though you don’t like few traits in your partner you just ignore, try to adapt and keep moving forward with a sole goal for long term relationship. In this stage, the chemistry of love between both is at peak because of certain chemicals brain releases like Oxytocin, Phenylethylamine and Dopamine which sets your heart pounding all the time. You prioritize her as the most important person in this world. The period can vary anywhere between 2 months to 2 years. After this period the next comes power struggle stage.

5 Stages of a Relationship: How Bonding establishes between two Hearts
2) Power struggle stage
This is the most critical phase of any relationship. This is the period most couple’s struggle. It is when you start to find flaws in your partner highlighting them and try to avoid them. You don’t feel as blessed as in the first stage. Often you try to separate and look to pair up with a new partner. Most married couples divorce during this stage.
They are 2 ways most couples deal with this stage. They either break up or they survive. Couples who take the breakup route tend to be serial daters. On the other side, couples who decide to survive continue their journey together with pain and frustration. It is when they realize good relations often involve sacrifice and compromise. They understand and accept each other's differences. Couples who cross this stage enters the next phase   the stability stage

3) The stability stage
Both of you understand each other well giving mutual respect. The thrill of being in love returns as in the first stage but now gains maturity. It becomes clear at his stage you are never going to succeed in changing your partner. If you do not succeed, you go back to Power struggle stage

4) The commitment stage
In this stage, you will surrender to the reality and realize you choose your partner consciously knowing the good and bad.
You begin to experience a beautiful balance of love, belonging, fun, power and freedom. Bond strengthens between both of you and are more inclined to commitment for a long period of time.

5) The Bliss / Co-Creation Stage
  In this stage bond further strengthens you become two people, who have chosen to be a team moving out into the world.   You move beyond the relationship and your relationship becomes a gift to the world.
Often, a couple in this stage work on a project together –intend to contribute to the world in some way .e.g. a business, a charity or a family.
To conclude one should learn to love each other, fight over the differences, gain mutual respect, then only the relation lasts for a long time or else you fall back to power struggle stage and the cycle continues.

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