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Saturday, November 26, 2016

You will be Shocked If You Know How Facebook is Killing Your Privacy

If you think you can hide your privacy on Facebook, you are absolutely wrong. All the third party websites can access your personal profile information and even your current location using your IP address. This news can be shocking but have been proved and I will let you know yourself how your personal information and your current location is shared by anonymous people. But before that let's understand the privacy policy of Facebook.

Facebook Privacy Policy:

Facebook has recently modified the Data use policy on September 29, 2016. Let us see what policy Facebook has created to protect users privacy and data.

What Facebook collects?

  • Facebook collects things you do and information you provide
  • Collects things others do and information they provide
  • Collects your network and connection information
  • Collects device information
  • Collects information from third-party websites and apps

How to Facebook use the information:

  • Use to develop services
  • Used to communicate with you
  • Show personalized ads
  • To promote safety

How is the information Shared?

This is the important part of the privacy policy. According to Facebook, your personal information is shared with third-party websites, to anonymous people, with Facebook companies.

Finally, What am I going to say?

Recently the privacy issues of Facebook has been kept out to the public by a website called Take this Lollipop. If you see the facts about your privacy leak, you will be shocked and will never use Facebook in your life again. The website also revealed how Facebook is revealing your current location to anonymous people. With this, you will be easily traced from anywhere from the world.

How do I check about my privacy?

I will tell you step by step procedure to know how your Facebook personal information is leaked.
  • Goto
  • Click on 'Connect with Facebook'
  • Grant permission for the website to access your profile 
  • That's it...getting shocked will be your part
take this lollipop

Important thing: Open the website on your laptop or desktop. The website will not run in mobile

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