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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tapzo: A One Stop Solution for Your Smartphone

Tapzo: A One Stop Solution for Your Smartphone 

We wish to have a Smartphone that has plenty of internal storage in it and a battery that lasts longer. Most of the storage in the phone is occupied by the software leaving very less space for photos music and videos.

It is surprising to know that most Smartphone users delete 75% of apps after they download them. This may be attributed to the data volume and high data costs. In phones, with low memory, this has been the major problem. we think twice before deleting any App. Sometimes we find the App useful and don’t want to delete it but sacrifice it for the sake of free space. 

There are two ways to increase the storage, either add a sd card or free up your photos and videos. The second option turns to be tiresome as we are unsure which photos or videos can be deleted. So we wish to have an all in one app that covers most categories and also occupies less space.

How can Tapzo save my storage space:

Tapzo provides a solution to all the problems. Tapzo does it by integrating API’s (Application program interface) of other apps into a single platform. Based in Bangalore, Tapzo is an ALL in one app that allows users to access more than 20 apps across categories like cabs, food, mobile recharges, news feed, live cricket scores, deals, and Astrology.

How much storage space does Tapzo use:

Using all these features cost you only 10Mb of your phone space .Tapzo has partnered with uber, ola, megacabs , saavari and jugno autos. Users can also order food from your favorite restaurants that included zomato, swiggy, and fresh menu. You can do hassle free recharges for both Prepaid and Postpaid mobiles pay data bills, Electricity and other Utility payments. More than that you can find various coupons for your deals that offer cash back or discounts, with in the app itself that saves your time and data, so that you no longer   need to surf the internet for discount codes and offers.

How does Tapzo generate income from this business:

So does the company get the income even though you cannot find any advertisements in its app? The main sources of income are through transactions and new user acquisitions. For every transaction made by the user, Tapzo gets a commission from its partners .The commission will be higher if they are able to drive a new user to the platform.

How many downloads and what is the rating in Play store:

Not only Tapzo saves a lot of storage but also reduces your data usage and thereby your data costs. There are over 2.5 million downloads on Google play. Transactions have seen a surge of 13x since a beginning of this year. In the next 6 months, the company is planning to roll out movies, flight and also bus bookings music and video sharing apps.

Tapzo has been rated 4.5 in Google play. It is available as free download and is compatible with most devices. Tapzo is currently not available on App store(iOS.

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