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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Top Hidden Tricks of Youtube I Bet Most of You are Unware

Youtube video streaming these days have increased a lot due to wide penetration of high-speed broadband. Reliance Jio is now acting as a catalyst in increasing the viewership of Youtube. This is mainly due to free 4g data offering by this telecom company.

Many techies are now using youtube as a platform for full-time profession earning income through Adsense by uploading their content. In this article, I am going to give you few tricks  on youtube that will be very useful for viewers.I will be giving you  more tricks in my future series of articles. 

  • You can use youtube with the help of keyboard. 

For this just add '/leanback' in the Url after 

leanback youtube trick

You will be redirected to Youtube tv where you can operate 
it using  keyboard.  

leanback youtube trick

  • Type the word  "use the fluke" in  the search bar  and  press Enter. 

All  of a  sudden   you will observe youtube page shaking around  and can be controlled only with  the help  of mouse.  

use the fluke youtube trick

  • To make  Youtube colorful  just type "dog meme"  in the  search bar  and  see for yourself   

dog meme youtube trick

  • You can actually convert Youtube videos into Gif image format. 

For this add 'gif' before the youtube to convert videos into images. eg.,

videos into Gif's youtube trick

You will be redirected to GIF maker where you can even choose the length of Gif.

videos in to Gif's youtube trick

When your mouse gives you trouble, you can still use youtube with the help of these simple keyboard shortcuts.

  • For full-screen mode press 'F'
  • To skip a video 10sec forward press 'J' similarly for backward press 'L'
  • To toggle mute press 'M'
  • To pause a video press 'K'
  • Use 'shift+>' to increase the play back speed and the retro, i.e use 'shift+<' to decrease playback
  • You can use the number  to pass over to a particular percentage of the video
  • Press B  to change the background of subtitles 

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