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Monday, November 21, 2016

Apple Begins Replacing Batteries of iPhone 6s Suffering from Unusual Shutdown

According to Apple, the new program concentrates on number of iPhone 6s units that may show sudden shutdowns due to battery issues. . 

The company hurried to note devices experiencing shutdown related issues don't present a peril, wording likely included to conciliate fears that iPhone is encountering battery issues like disastrous frustrations starting late watched influencing Samsung things. 

Earlier this year the Korean tech company was dealt with a vital blow when battery parts in its Galaxy Note 7 began to explode under conventional working conditions. Samsung thus finished arrangements and completed an overall audit. 

apple iphone 6s

According to Apple, the iPhone 6s flaw just impacts a group of devices made among September and October 2015. 

Like previous replacement programs, customers who have experienced a shutdown issue can take their phone into an Apple store or endorsed repair office for appraisal. Experts will crosscheck device serial numbers against Apple's database and, if essential, supplant the battery free of cost. The program covers affected device batteries for quite a while after first retail bargain. 

Owners of impacted iPhone 6s units who paid to replace their battery already can contact Apple for a refund

Apple's replacement arrives after the China Consumers Association a week prior asked for that Apple investigate grievances from buyers relating to sudden and every so often enduring iPhone 6 and 6s shutdowns. Whether Apple's new program is an eventual outcome of those tests is undefined, however iPhone 6s battery substitutions are being made available on a general start. 

Today's news comes days after Apple pushed an iPhone 6 Plus repair program to address contraptions affected by a screen irregularity named "touch illness."

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