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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How to Avoid Fake News and Verify Trustworthiness of a Website

Fake news is flashing social media and it is very difficult to figure out the fake news out of several thousand posts. Recently Democrats after losing US elections, Barak Obama had to blame Facebook and Twitter for their loss in thscript>For this Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg had to give an explanation for creating a better solution to eradicate such flashing of fake news into Facebook.


Fake news has been a bit of concern that these are creating a negative impact on the society. The unfortunate thing behind this is that there is no particular algorithm for Facebook and Twitter to kill it. Avoiding is a very complicated thing that technology has certainly created a solution for it.

Mellisa Zimbar, an assistant professor of communication and media had made a compiled list and tips to differentiate a fake news from the normal one.

tips to avoid fake news

We have also sorted out a few Google Chrome extensions that alert you on the fake news whenever you try to access a website that circulates fake news.

  • Fake News Alert

Alerts you if you are viewing a fake news site. A simple extension that displays an alert when you visit a site known for spreading fake news. This tool was created to censor fake news  because people are starting to realize that media is filled with fake information. You can be sure that the websites in this list are the only websites you can trust for real. The only way the mainstream media can fight the truth is by censoring the truth. That's the reason behind the creation of this extension.

plugin to avoid fake news

To download the extension, click here

  •  Fake News Monitor

This extension gives 1-10 trustworthiness score for the website you visit. A notification alerts you whenever you visit a website with a trustworthiness score below 5. The app icon in the status bar changes the color based on the rating of the website. If a website is scored 8-10, the color will be green. If a website is scored 6-7, the color of the icon will be yellow. If the score is below 5, the color will red and it is an alert that the news from the website is fake.

chrome plugin to avoid fake news

To download the extension, click here

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