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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Best Natural Skin Toners to Improve your Skin

Tanning of skin and pimples are most common problems these days to most people. There are several chemo treatments available in market. But, these can damage the skin in long run due to reaction between chemicals and skin membrane. Many people are aware of natural medication that are easily available in our kitchen or garden but ignore for the reason that they are not readily made. Here, I am going to show you how you can brighten your skin with natural skin toners and that are easily made and used.

tulasi toner1) Tulasi Toner:  collect few tulasi leaves, ground them to paste. Now add the paste to boiled water and filter the residue. To the water, add a tea spoon of Aloe vera gel and leave it for few minutes. Then apply the mix to your face or you can drink the juice based on which you feel convenient. This treatment improves the glow of your skin and decreases the pimples.

cucumber2) Courgelet - Carrot Toner: Courgelet belongs to Cucumber family. Add few mint leaves in water and boil them. To it add 3 tea spoons of courgelet juice, 2 tea spoons of carrot juice and pour the mixture in ice tray to freeze it. Once the ice cubes are formed, gently massage your face with the ice cubes. This procedure removes the tan and increases the glow of your skin.

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3 Fenugreek Toner: Add few fenugreek seeds to water and boil till the seeds soften. Now filter the seeds and let the water cool. Then apply the water to your face. this procedure will improve the glow of your skin and also improves your dull skin to more brighter.

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