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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Beware..! Chinese smartphones are stealing your private data without your knowledge and permission

chinese stealing data

This is what everyone of us knew till now but we didn't have the properly documented evidence to prove this. But now according to NYT, an American firm have disclosed the findings with a documented evidence which clearly tells us how the Chinese smartphone makers are stealing our private information without our knowledge.

This is rather a shocking thing and further poses a serious threat to the nation's security. The Chinese are aware of all the activities of a user, they know the call logs, they know the content of the text messages, your location and what not everything. This report has come up with the finding of researcher from Kryptowire, which is a Homeland security contractor. 

The researcher once while traveling overseas bought a cheap Chinese phone named BLU R1 HD. While setting up the device, he observed that a text message was sent to a Chinese server without his permission to a server located in Shangai to a company called Adups.

Kryptowire then decided to deeply investigate these suspicious findings. The American firm then handed over the case to the American government to investigate the case and finally made that public on Tuesday.

The malicious 'Trojan horse' like code is written by the Shangai Adups Technology company on most of the Chinese smartphones. This code transmits all the messages, call logs from the phone to their servers without the user's permission.

But, another serious fact here is, the code is not only written in BLU phones but also in other Chinese phones like Huawei and ZTE. 

Samuel Ohev-Zion, the chief executive of BLU products said in a statement that the company was unaware of such things and are trying to correct the issue and are holding talks with Adups to solve the issue quickly.

Source: NYT

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  1. Hmm? Not sure what to make of this article as BLU is an American company in Florida.